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We are so excited to see all the lovely jewellery Emma from Stella and Dot by Emma Tumilty & Em’s Gems will be bringing along in her pop up shop at our event on 23rd March! Stella and Dot's boutique style jewellery and accessories line is available exclusively through independent stylists. It is designed by a team in New York and is worn by celebrities and featured in many glossy magazines. When women support women in business, incredible things happen.

We are delighted that Averil Milligan, from wildaboutsoap will be joining us on 23rd March and hosting her pop up shop! The perfect stall to stock up for Mother's Day Gifts! Averil started making soap a few years back as an interest in using her herbs which she grows, and wanted a way to incorporate them into washing. The soaps are made in her own kitchen, in small batch sizes where she allows them to cure for a month before selling. She uses only natural oils, such as olive, coconut, shea and castor oil as the base. Each of the soaps have added herbs, roots, clays or seeds to add natural colours or therapeutic benefits. Essential oils are used for natural scent and Averil blends these herself - so it is a mix of luck and research to find the best combos for the nose! Averil recently added organic body butter to her product range as a good moisturiser without water and last autumn she added added solid shampoo bars to the range which are proving very popular - as all her products are packaged with the environment in mind - plastic free and all recyclable card used.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we would like to introduce our third fashion exhibitor - the renowned Award winning designer, Shauna Fay from Newry, Co Down. Shauna specialises in Luxury occasion wear and her designs have graced the red carpets at the golden globes and BAFTA awards and won several best dressed lady competitions at race day meetings. The new ready-to-wear Spring/summer collection launches on February 7th and can be viewed at her store outside Newry at Flurrybridge Enterprise centre. Tickets for the show on 23rd March can be bought at Clare McKinney Make-Up & Beauty, Rose & Poetry Boutique Lisburn, Sinenna Boutique Warrenpoint, Shauna Fay in Newry oe online at

Our second fashion exhibitor is Sinenna Boutique, located on Queen Street in the picturesque town of Warrenpoint, Co Down. Louise and her team offer a beautiful range of clothing for ladies, from smart casual to wedding wear - and carry styles to suit all ages. Whatever it is you are looking for, Louise will go above and beyond to find that perfect outfit - whether for a special day at the races, mother of the bride or simply some new work wear! We look forward to bringing you some of their Spring Style to the Canal Court on 23rd March! Tickets for the show can be bought at Clare McKinney Make-Up & Beauty, Rose & Poetry Boutique Lisburn, Sinenna Boutique Warrenpoint, Shauna Fay in Newry oe online at

We promised over the coming weeks we will be giving you a little more info about our Fashion Show and participating outlets - today we are going to kick off with a little bit about Rose & Poetry Boutique in Lisburn who are one of our 3 Fashion Show Partners! Rose & Poetry is an exiting women’s wear boutique in the heart of Lisburn. Bringing you all the latest on-trend; celebrity and catwalk styles we will ensure you never miss out on the newest fashion forward piece! From our distinctive décor to the carefully selected collections we aim to give you a unique shopping experience. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and attention to detail. Each season we carefully bring together a collection of beautiful garments, a combination of up and coming labels, global brands and sumptuous pieces resulting in a selection of truly lovely, standout pieces. Follow us on our social media pages to keep up to date on the boutique, our online store and get some sneak peeks of all our antics! Tickets for the show can be bought at Clare McKinney Make-Up & Beauty, Rose & Poetry Boutique Lisburn, Sinenna Boutique Warrenpoint, Shauna Fay in Newry oe online at

Happy Valentine's! Check out our Fab New Competition to WIN a MESO treatment worth £100! Simply spread the <3 and mention a friend or two in the comments below!! T's&C's apply. A winner will be selected at random on 23.02.19. No Cash alternatives will be offered. Winner must be prepared to have their photograph taken.

Tonight we are taking part in a waxing Challenge in aid of St Johns ambulance, Mourne mountain rescue team and Air ambulance NI! Donations welcome at a lot of work to be done!

Spread the LOVE Check out our Fab New Competition to WIN a MESO treatment worth £100! Simply spread the <3 and mention a friend or two in the comments below!! T's&C's apply. A winner will be selected at random on 23.02.19. No Cash alternatives will be offered. Winner must be prepared to have their photograph taken.

Ladies tickets for our March event are now available from Eventbrite

Clare is safely back from her travels with Feeding Dreams Cambodia and will be be back in the salon on Thursday if you need to make an apppointment!! 🙌💕

Wow - Check out our Fab New Competition to WIN a MESO treatment worth £100! Simply spread the <3 and mention a friend or two in the comments below!! T's&C's apply. A winner will be selected at random on 23.02.19. No Cash alternatives will be offered. Winner must bt prepared to have their photograph taken.

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Our Fashion Feed event on 23rd March is going to be a big one - here is a list of all our exhibitors/pop up shops! Wow! PM to buy your tickets today ❤ Rose & Poetry Boutique Sinenna Boutique Shauna Fay Vita Liberata wildaboutsoap Past Tense Treats Donna Mackin Evolve Stella and Dot NearyNogs Chocolate Makers Elite Accessories Stephanie Burns Make-Up Margaret Mallon Hair Zen Orthadontics Image skincare Senna cosmetics 2030 Not a fairytale book

*CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG* So ladies, my last day has came around so quickly, I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of what I get up to out here! Just s little goodbye video for you to watch & some info on our next fundraiser!!! Thanks to each and everyone of you who have contributed to Feeding Dreams - as you can see every little bit makes such a huge difference to the life of these children over here!

**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** Srey Mom - Sponsorship opportunity This lovely lady joined our team of cooks in the school just a year ago. Srey Mom left school aged 12 and has had numerous jobs, from selling food on her bicycle to working as a massage therapist in a spa. As I know very well, massage is very hard on the body, especially when you are doing as many as poor Srey Mom was made to do in a day. Her working hours were extremely long and her wages were very low - she had to live on her tips to keep herself and her 2 children fed and housed. She seperated from her husband 10 years ago as he was an abusive alcoholic. He never contributed to his 2 daughters, so all responsibility has fallen to Srey Mom. Her life has massively improved since joining the team at Feeding Dreams and she absolutely loves it. I am hugely passionate about keeping the kids fed, as no one can function without a full stomach. For many of these children, the meal they get here is the only meal they will have a day. So without people like Srey Mom, the school meals would never be made!! I decided to use some of our fundraising money to contribute towards her wage for 3 months and then hopefully someone will be able to continue her sponsorship for the rest of the year! If you are interested please send me a PM for more information.

Ladies please be aware that we cannot take online bookings for Wednesday 30th January - however if you send us a PM we will try to get you fitted in as best we can! x

**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** Worms! Eating undercooked meat is the main cause of the tapeworm infection. Although tapeworms in humans usually cause few symptoms and are easily treated, they can sometimes cause serious, life-threatening problems. Tapeworms have a three-stage lifecycle: 1) The egg 2) An immature stage called a larva 3) An adult stage when the worm can produce more eggs. Because larvae can get into the muscles of their hosts, infection can occur when you eat raw or undercooked meat from an infected animal. It is also possible to contract tapeworms from foods prepared by an infected person. As tapeworm eggs are passed with bowel movements, a person preparing meals, who doesn't wash their hands well after using the toilet can then contaminate the food. As you can imagine, the slum areas where most of our children live do not have refrigerators, running water and clean areas in which to prepare food. A lot of the families also don’t know how to prepare meat so often it is not fully cooked and then the worms are continually being passed from person to person and reinfected. We give the children worming tablets once every 3 months and if they are showing signs of injection we give them a course of 3! Not the most pleasant post I have ever written but the worming tablets are of paramount importance! Even if the children are getting the best of foods, if they have worms they will not get any of the nutrition!

Ladies if you haven't yet been able to vote for us at this years Make-Up & Beauty Awards we would eternally grateful if you could spare a few minutes and follow the link below to nominate us for 'Beauty Salon of the Year' xxx

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**CLARE IN CAMODIA BLOG** Essential Maintenance I appreciate that this isn't as exciting as some of my stories - but some of the money that I raised has also been used for essential maintenance for the schools upkeep. As you can imagine they rarely have any funds for this type of work but its such a help to be able to keep on top of things! The boys carrying out the work in 30+ degrees weren’t just as thrilled! I would have helped but I would have exploded in the heat! Lol!

A short video to let you all see what poor conditions the children who attend the Feeding Dreams school are living in.

**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** The Feeding Dreams Boutique! Each year I always try to use some of the funds we have raised to stock up our 'Boutique'. Our Boutique is basically a room with a collection of second hand clothes suitable for everyone from babies to adults! This year I got to bag up and help the children and their parents pick what they needed. As I have said before the second hand clothes I buy from the market here are so inexpensive. I buy a huge bundle of clothes for just $50 This year we also bought some second hand bicycles for children who desperately needed them to get to school - rather than walking many many miles. A second hand bike costs only $35 which is so little to us but to the children they are priceless as they could never afford one. If you'd like to sponsor a bundle of clothes or buy a bicycle for a child in need please PM me!

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**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** Sponsor a Seat Many people often ask me if it is possible for them to sponsor a child. In Feeding Dreams we have a scheme whereby you can sponsor a seat - for 20p a day (or £75 per year) you can pay for a childs education for a full year. We paid for 4 students with the money raised before Christmas! This is a fantastic scheme for individuals, families or even teachers and their classrooms who like to know exactly where their money is being used. Please tag anyone who may be interested or send me a PM for further information or to receive a PDF of the official sponsorship form! xx

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**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** Dental Treatment Plan For most of us a 6 monthly check-up and hygiene appointment is taken for granted and and if we have a pain or a problem we don’t think twice about ringing for an emergency appointment. In Cambodia, going to the dentist is a luxury many simply cannot afford. Many often suffer for long periods of time in lots of pain and can only use local remedies to try and help. We are constantly approached to help with emergency dental and medical needs. Although we try and never turn anyone away it’s a huge drain on our resources - hence an emergency fund has been set up to try and help. If you have a special interest in dentistry or medical or would like to make a donation to support this area of care please send a PM. xx

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There are still a few places left on this popular course - please tag any new mummies you know who might like to come along! Please text or call Sandra on 07708613500 for more info!

**CLARE IN CAMBODIA BLOG** Sponsorship of Srey Neat Over the last number of years the team at Clare McKinney Make Up & Beauty have annually supported a student in the Dreams Training Centre. This year as all the students were already under sponsorship we decided, with the help of Sandra Daly, to contribute towards a students university fees. This girl is very close to my heart as I have known her since I started in the school and all I can say is that she is an angel and deserves all the happiness in the world. Here is some information about Neat: Through all of her hardships and incomprehensible struggles, this young girl has evolved into a strong-willed, competent young adult and represents all that Feeding Dreams stands for. Over the years, Neat has studied tirelessly. Her English is fluent, she is very grounded, bright, and intelligent. For many years she attended Khmer school for a half day, then taught English at Feeding Dreams for the other half. Her big compassionate and all-embracing personality has made her popular in many circles. Not only was she class monitor and teacher’s aide throughout high school, she also taught English to her high school friends group. Neat has always been the girl to help others in need, and stand up for what is right, no matter how tough the challenge. This year Neat passed Year 12 national exams and has been accepted into the reputable International Dhurakij Pundit University (DPU) in Thailand and will now study Bachelors of International Business. Moreover, she is the first Feeding Dreams student to be accepted into an International Business course – words cannot justify how proud we are. Those of you who have met Neat already know how special she is, that she has an infinite heart for the poor, is highly intelligent and is an ambassador for progress and change in this beautiful country. Neat’s course will run for 4 years and myself and Sandra Daly are helping towards them but we still need more money to help. Are you interested in helping towards her fees? You can do a direct debit or a one off donation. Every little helps!! Please PM for details xx